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What would your cat say about your quilting choices if he could stop terrorizing the dog long enough to chat? How about your mom? What do you need to know if you start dating a quilter? Who stole your favorite seam ripper at the last guild meeting and is life in prison too lenient for such a crime? Why don’t you let go of some of your stress with a free-motion quilting lesson, followed by an episode of Naked and Afraid of Y-Seams? Whatever you do—and this is very important—don’t copy anyone.
This second volume of wit and snark from the author of Quilting Isn’t Funny answers just about every vital quilting question there is, and a few you probably never thought of. This is pointed quilting humor, honed on the current events of the Quilt-o-sphere, and laced with just a wee bit of acid on the blade.

Pre-orders are open until June 26, 2018.

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